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Osteopathy and Pregnancy


Osteopathy can be really helpful during pregnancy as well as post-natally. Our pregnant bodies go through such change with our centre of gravity slowly shifting as our bump gets bigger, our birth canal rapidly widening and then our centre of gravity changing again from our baby being born and out of our body.


The other significant change our bodies undergo throughout pregnancy and post-natally is the increase in hormone relaxin. This hormone softens all the ligaments and tendons to allow for a widening of the pelvic joints for our baby to comfortably pass through. 


All of this places a lot of unfamiliar strain on the joints, muscles and ligaments in the body and directly affects how we feel in ourselves. Gentle, non-invasive techniques used by an osteopath can really help reduce the tension on our body. It helps the body adapt to all of these changes promotes a general sense of wellbeing for mum and for baby.



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